Yenilikçi bir bakış açısı ile lezzet kaybı olmaksızın ürünün en verimli şekilde kullanılmasını sağlayan makina ve teknolojiler üretiyor.


Aladdinbey Mah. Pazar Cad. No:27/AB +90 224 360 0300


Welcome to The Kitchen Project Kitchen!
In today’s competitive environment, the only power that makes a brand noticed and distinguished from its competitors is taste. In The Kitchen Project training kitchen, you will learn the usage information of lokma machines, dessert making stages, raw material brands and properties and many other points in a practical way together with The Kitchen Project chefs. We will show you how to get the highest efficiency with the materials we use for the business you will open, how much you can save thanks to our tricks, how to do your job in the best way by having and specializing in all our basic principles. In our training kitchen at our headquarters, all our machines are always ready to serve you. Apart from the training of the operating system of the machine you bought, we mention many details such as the preparation, presentation of the product to be made on the machine, where the materials can be obtained and brand information. As a result of our presentation in our kitchen using professional tools and materials, your adaptation process in your business will be faster. In this way, you will always be more professional than your competitors in the market.

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